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Train Eat Sleep Repeat is not a gym, it is my concept, one that I have put over 20 years of knowledge, hands on experience covering individual clients, companies, athletes, celebrities, people with health problems. I have applied my skills and knowledge into perfecting the Shelley Booth Fitness Concept.

Failure is not an option, and success is guaranteed if you can give me your time and effort.

You do not just get a place to train at Train Eat Sleep Repeat, you’ll receive an education, you’ll learn about nutrition and factors which effect your progress and how to finely tune all of these to achieve the most amazing results, with lifelong sustainability.


Healthy nutrition is vital especially when training my way. The body re-shape successes and the physical transformations I am renowned for can only be maximised with good healthy nutrition and a balanced diet which is completely specific to the individual.

I will support my clients through a structured process of planning, review and adjustment sessions around diet and nutrition to ensure a planned approach to success.

I have also designed my own Family Friendly recipe book from clean eating deserts, breakfasts, lunches and evening meals. I have worked on these recipes for a number of years, all of which are tried and tested to produce the most amazing results when met with the right attitude and any SBF training programme. 


As important as your physique is and how it looks, a healthy mind is the ultimate goal, we promote rest and relaxation as a means of recovery and progress.

Allowing your body to benefit from all of your hard work is hugely important to us which is why we have relaxation sessions including mobility and flexibility sessions.


Lets do it all over again, but this time BETTER! Challenge is paramount, goals are essential, progress is tracked and success is guaranteed.



What makes Shelley an Industry Leader?

TESR is not just my hobby, or my earner, TESR and SBF is my life’s passion, to motivate and educate people to achieve optimal health and fitness, with only the most current and appropriate health promoting advice backed by current research.

To improve how people live, to inspire and truly add value to anyone I work with, is and has been my vocation, passion and hobby for over 20 years. I live, sleep, eat and REPEAT fitness and health promotion to ensure my clients are guided through my concept and process, informed and set up for lifelong sustainability.

I have a vocational background in Education and have spent years fine tuning my concept to ensure I am true to myself, my brand is ME, authentic and real. A brand people recognise for its high standards, credibility and professionalism.

I strive to achieve world class. Always.

SHELLEY BOOTH - Train Eat Sleep Repeat Director


“Absolutely love this fantastic lady, the train eat sleep repeat way of life and the people that support the ethos. This is not a gym as shelley keeps reminding us it’s a change in whole lifestyle and mindset. I joined in November 2018 and in three months have lost 2 stone 6lb but I have achieved much more than a weight loss. I have changed as a person, I love the classes, the people the mindset of everyone. My life goals have changed and I feel for the first time in a long time 2019 will be my year to get fitter and lost the weight I have been carrying and this change has been put in motion because of this amazing lady and the core values she shares.”

Sharon Margaret

I finished the 21 day reset 13 pounds lighter, I feel amazing and am determined to continue my progress and see where it leads me. I recommend this course to anyone regardless on your fitness level or ability as Shelley Booth is guaranteed to inspire you into bringing your best to each session. I’m not the most social person and this is not something I’ve ever done before but something about the course gave me such a drive to it keep turning up and bringing my best – it was always really fun. I’m really pleased to have gone through this process i really feel invigorated and my eyes are open to a new way of training – gyms are a total waste of time to me now would definately do this again if the opportunity arises!

Simon Dreems


I have been training with Shelley for over 3 years now. Whether you are complete new to exercise or simply looking for a new challenge, Shelley will motivate, support and totally invest in you, pushing you to be the very best that you can be. The ethos that Shelley promotes in all aspects of her training is inspirational and unique. If you are looking to train in a friendly, supportive “no egos” atmosphere, then TESR is the place to be!


I was always very fit as a youngster but at 40, this was clearly a very different picture. I wanted to get fit but, like many, I was in fear of embarrassing myself but I plucked up the courage to attend my first beach boot camp. To my relief, everyone was welcoming, warm and gave me a real sense of team where I quickly felt at ease. I have enjoyed every minute although I can’t deny there’s been a huge amount of effort but the results have been so satisfying. Shelley has been outstanding and supportive without being pushy – I can’t give her enough credit for showing an old dog new tricks.





Why not dedicate yourself to a total body transformation with one of my intensive courses. 


21 day fat loss ideal for the beginner looking to kick off healthy habits, a solid fitness regime and gain invaluable education from Shelley.

“I have just finished the 21 day reset. I found this a great start to a new me. I lost 14lbs and 4.5” off my belly.  Shelley was so helpful and encouraging all the way through I would highly recommend this to anyone serious about changing their life style.” – Steve Scott

4 week online shred

4 week online shred ideal if you struggle to get to TESR but want Shelley’s expertise and support. This programme is 4 weeks, produces amazing results – Shelley in your pocket.

  • Workouts sent to your phone.
  • SBF Educational videos sent straight to your phone.
  • SBF Meal plans straight to your phone.
  • All from the comfort of your own home. 

5 week sas

This programme is Shelley’s hard hitting take no prisoners programme. Shelley will challenge, test and push you to your limits. Not for the faint of heart – not suitable for the beginner. This programme will change you forever – body and mind.

Would you like to try Shelley’s Online Programme?

Here is an introduction for just £4.99, this is a 5 day video book, you’ll not need a gym or any equipment, but results are guaranteed after just 5 days if you implement Shelley’s training and advice.


Omega 3 Fish Oil from Wild Caught Anchovies (60 serv.)
Omega 3 Fish Oil from Wild Caught Anchovies (60 serv.)
Vitamin D3 5000IU High Strength, GMO Free (120 serv.)
Vitamin D3 5000IU High Strength, GMO Free (120 serv.)
Amino Performance BCAA & L-Glutamine Drink (30 serv.)
Amino Performance BCAA & L-Glutamine Drink (30 serv.)
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