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Train eat sleep repeat is not a gym, it is my concept, one that I have put over 20 years of knowledge, hands on experience covering individual clients, companies, athletes, celebrities, people with health problems. I have applied my skills and knowledge into perfecting the Shelley Booth Fitness Concept.


Failure is not an option, and success is guaranteed is you can give me your time and effort.


You do not just get a place to train at train eat sleep repeat, you'll receive an education, you'll learn about nutrition and factors which effect your progress and how to finely tune all of these to achieve the most amazing results, with lifelong sustainability.


Healthy nutrition is vital especially when training the PPT way. The body re-shape successes and the physical transformations we are renowned for across Dundee can only be maximised with good healthy nutrition and a balanced diet which is completely specific to the individual.


We will support our clients through a structured process of planning, review and adjustment sessions around diet and nutrition to ensure a planned approach to success.


E-mail us about our PERSONAL SHOPPING SERVICE - can you believe your trainer will even take you shopping to your local supermarket and show you what to buy and not to buy, completely individualised!


As important as your physique is and how it looks, a healthy mind is the ultimate goal, we promote rest and relaxation as a means of recovery and progress.


Allowing your body to benefit from all of your hard work is hugely important to us which is why we have relaxation sessions including mobility and flexibility as well as specialist yoga sessions regularly on offer.


We also want you to come and relax even on a rest day, drop in, read the paper and catch up with your friends...just chill out, we welcome you to!


Lets do it all over again, but this time BETTER! Challenge is paramount, goals are essential, progress is tracked and success is guaranteed.

Let your goals become ours.

Shelley Booth

PPT Director

Motivation and enthusiasm backed by some 20 years of training clients.

My clients goals and personal achievements become mine too, a real connection is formed and success is guaranteed.


The Proof

Intensive Courses

Why not dedicate yourself to a total body transformation with one of our intensive courses.
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Classes and bookings

Personal Training is available from just £20 per session, please email us for more information. However, if you prefer to train with friends or family maybe semi-personal training is what you are looking for. With sessions tailored to meet the needs of a group this is a great way to keep cost own by sharing the cost with everyone in your group.

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